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Jeph Duarte Show

The Jeph Duarte Show introduces fans to KPSA’s playlist through weekly conversations with the local artists on the inspiration that defines the songwriting, recording, and production of San Antonio’s brightest musicians.

San Antonio native Jeph Duarte cut his teeth locally as a drummer playing with The Plebeians as a teen playing his first gig at the famed Tacoland. After moving to New York, he found his singing voice after stepping into a Sunday afternoon Honky Tonk Happy Hour. While in Brooklyn, he recorded two full-length albums with The Newton Gang.

Since returning to San Antonio, he has released two EPs with The Gunslingers and just finished an EP produced by Garrett T. Capps featuring an All-Star cast of local heroes.

Thursdays at 8

Replays:  Saturdays at 10:30, Tuesdays at 2 pm

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